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All ingredients for our biscuits are sourced in MN, WI, ND, IA from like-minded farmers & growers. All meats are humanely raised, grains and dairy are minimally processed, fruits and vegetables are hand-picked, and sourced by our Chef du Canine. We never use chemicals, fakes, fillers, imports, or funky junk in the production of our treats!


We believe that no bone should be left behind! All of our scrap treats not suitable for market are donated to the Pet Project rescue of MN. It is our mission to be 100% sustainable in the creation and distribution of our locavore dog treats!

Current donation total = 1,430 pounds!!!

"Our dog loves your bones so much she won't even put 'em down to go potty!"

~Tasha Thompson Martinez

Chef du Canine: Colin Murray

Chef Colin Murray is formally trained to cater to your four-legged foodies. A graduate of the Culinary Institute of America was tired of working like a dog... so he focused his energy on working for the dog! Chef Colin works with local farmers and purveyors  to hand-select the highest quality ingredients for Barkley's Bistro gluten-free dog treats! Our biscuits grass-fed & smoked beef femur bones are available at our online store or at chic pet food stores near you!

Thanks for loving our pup! We will be buying more!

~Jameson Michelle

"I just watched my 9 year old lab jump on the countertop to get more treats... way to go Barkley!"

~Sarah Schroeder

Barkley's Bistro Chef-Driven Dog Treats & Smokehouse favorites from our NEW "Butcher Block Collection"!

Community Involvement: Farmers Markets

Barkley's Bistro is featured at neighborhood farmers markets across the Twin Cities. Our farm-to-dog treats feature humanely-raised meats, local vegetables, grains & dairy from the tri-state area. 

Click HERE for a list of upcoming market locations & dates